What We Believe

1. About God

God is the Creator of the Universe and He has always existed, even before the world began. There is One God and He alone is worthy of our praise. Though He is one, He reveals Himself in three distinct personalities: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. These three are equal and in unity.



2. About Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is the “only begotten” Son of God. He is fully-human and fully-divine. He came to this earth and lived a perfect and sinless life. He was crucified by the Roman government, buried in a borrowed tomb, and on the third day He arose in victory over death and Hell. He ascended into Heaven and will return one day as the King of all Kings.



3. About the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the third member of the Trinity. He is active in the world actively restraining the power of evil. He brings conviction of sin to the sinner and to the saint. He comes to reside within a person upon salvation. He gives us the power to live the Christian life and gifts us with the ability to serve God.




4. About the Bible

We believe that the Bible is the divinely inspired Word of God and it is without error or without fault. It was written by men under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and it is the guide for Christian Living. Furthermore, it is complete. Nothing can be added to or taken away from God’s Word.




5. About People

Humans were originally created in the image of God. Yet, because of sin and disobedience, we fell out of favor with God. God’s Word is clear that there is none righteous. Because of our unrighteousness, we have been separated from God. We have a natural inclination to commit sin.



6. About Salvation

The only way for human beings to get back to God is through salvation. Salvation is the free gift of God that was provided to us through the death of Jesus Christ. We whole-heartedly believe that Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to salvation and a right relationship with God. Salvation is achieved by trusting in Jesus Christ through faith and asking forgiveness of our sin through Repentance and beginning to walk in the New Life we have in God. Those who are saved will spend eternity with God; those who are not saved will spend eternity separated from God in Hell.


7. About the Church

We believe that the church is the visible representation of the invisible God. We believe that it is God’s command and desire for every Christian to be a part of the local church. The church is the institution through which God carries out His plan of carrying the Gospel to the entire world. Church is a place of worship, growth, fellowship, and service for our Lord. 




Beyond these stated beliefs, we affirm the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 of the Southern Baptist Convention. 
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