Our Purpose

At Young's Grove, our purpose is simple. We believe God has called us to glorify Him and to make disciples of all people. We believe a disciple is one who follows after Jesus and His teachings not only in belief but also in conduct. 

OUr Priorities 

At Young's Grove, we prioritize four main things: 

1. Continual Worship

2. Authentic Community

3. Servant Leadership

4. Kingdom Multiplication

OUr Pillars 

At Young's Grove, we want to build everything we do on five basic pillars that define the foundation of our ministry. Our five pillars are: 

1. Biblical Authority

       Everything we do will flow out of the truth that the Bible is the one foundation and                   authority that the New Testament Church rests upon. 

2. Gospel Focus

       The Gospel is the message of hope that Christians have which makes them unique among           all others. It is the story of hope that sinners can be brought from death to life. If we lose           focus of the Gospel, we have lost focus of the mission. 

3. Genuine Love

       The early church in the Bible was characterized by a deep love for another. This loved                 caused them to be willing to sacrifice so that others needs were met. We desire, at                     Young's Grove, to possess that same kind of love. 

4. Abundant Generosity

       Some have said that you are never more like Jesus than when you give. We want to be               abundantly generous because we have received such generosity from our Savior.                         Therefore, we want to not only be generous to one another but to also engage the                     community and show them kindness for Christ's sake.  

5. Kingdom Advancement

       We truly believe that no matter what may happen in the world, God's kingdom is still                 advancing. Therefore, we desire to come along side Him and pray that He would use our           faith family in some way to advance His cause. 

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